“green” is a comforting delusion

so it is


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One response to ““green” is a comforting delusion

  1. Every day I read some bullshit about the latest notional attempts to improve the lot of some part of this decaying planet. The usual guff about “green technologies” and “carbon trading” – there’s no shortage of the smoke-and-mirrors routines. Meanwhile the central issue goes largely unremarked. It’s POPULATION of course.

    James Lovelock, a man who knows a thing or two about the state of the Earth, has estimated that for humanity to live here in conditions which don’t entail the unavoidable progressive destruction of the planet itself, enjoying the current “western” level of resource consumption, we’d need the population reduced to about one-third of its current >7 billion.

    Think about it. That’s not some target for reducing population growth, that’s a requirement for a drastic reduction from current levels. This, of course, appears to be simply unimaginable for humanity to grasp – indeed there will be no shortage of people quoting dubious statistics that prove that the population’s going to inexorably reduce as third world living standards improve (does China count as “third world” these days? or India for that matter?) Malthus is pretty certain to get a mention too.

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